Time for Change

We have a rare opportunity to redesign teaching roles to create better outcomes for students and teachers. Teachers should lead the charge. Through our Reimagining the Teacher Role (RTR) Cohort, Teach Indy builds teams of teachers who collaborate with school administrators and design-thinking leaders on solutions for keeping teachers in the classroom. This helps address the serious challenge of retaining great teachers in our schools.


Our Cohort Experience

Over the next year, school teams will collaborate with external design-thinking experts who will lead them in identifying pain points impacting teacher satisfaction and retention, analyzing the challenges they face in the profession, and brainstorming solutions, with inspiration from national best practices. A solution will be piloted at each school at the beginning of the 2024 academic year, with the goal of refining and scaling it in the second semester.

At the end of the experience, teachers will experience…

  • Increases in teacher satisfaction and retention
  • Chances to lead innovation
  • A community of like-minded teacher designers
  • Elevation of their leadership in their school buildings and across the city


Teach Indy selects new cohorts annually in early Fall and all public schools and districts across Marion County are eligible to participate.

Schools in the 2024 Cohort include:

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