Who We Are
653 N Somerset Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222
Hours of Operation
9:20 AM - 3:55 PM
School Type
IPS Innovation
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), The PATH School

The mission of The PATH (Purpose, Achievement, Talent, Heart) School is to provide a purpose-driven, culturally responsive learning environment that challenges scholars academically while supporting their social and emotional growth in order to develop conscientious citizens who are prepared to transform their communities. The PATH School (TPS) is designed to provide scholars purpose-driven opportunities for learning undergirded by academic rigor, culturally responsive teaching, and social and emotional development, surrounded by a community of support. Our scholar supports will only yield strong results when coupled with high expectations and challenging curricula. To this end, TPS will employ an educational model that includes wraparound supports characterized by a PATH team. In this model, each scholar is supported by a PATH team consisting of four adults: an academic counselor, a special educator, a therapist/social worker and a transition specialist, with each PATH team supporting 150-200 scholars.


Alicia Hervey