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Monarca Academy

Monarca Academy eliminates barriers to success for all students. Inspired by the Latin@ and immigrant experience we develop leaders through high academic standards (Ganas), cultural responsiveness (Orgullo), and community building (Comunidad).

Monarca Academy elimina barreras al éxito. Inspirados por la experiencia Latina, desarrollamos líderes por medio de altas expectativas académicas o Ganas, conciencia cultural o Orgullo, y Comunidad.

Our Model:

Ganas (Perseverance): College and Career Preparatory

At Monarca Academy, we have high academic expectations. All students have access to a grade-level curriculum aligned to high academic standards that utilize a discourse-focused and inquiry-based instructional model, as well as problem- and project-based learning. Students will be prepared to take Honors, AP, and Dual Credit courses in high school.

Orgullo (Pride): Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Environment

Monarca Academy will be a Culturally Responsive and Sustaining School where students, staff, and families will engage in on-going identity development, establish a critical social justice lens, and expand their understanding of their own agency to make changes within their local communities. Year-round school programming will be designed to drive greater levels of academic achievement while empowering future leaders in our community and greater society.

Comunidad (Community): Transcending Walls to Build Community

Through partnerships with organizations such as La Plaza and The Immigrant Welcome center, Monarca Academy provides the wrap-around services our students need in order to be able to focus on actualizing their academic and career potential. University partnerships provide students with opportunities to explore careers in the sciences and humanities. Business partnerships provide students with mentorship and leadership opportunities. Students engage regularly in community-based projects that focus on learning more about their communities and the people living in them.

All our partnerships reinforce high academic standards (Ganas), cultural validation and empowerment (Orgullo), and maintaining on-going relationships with neighbors, friends, and family (Comunidad).


Felicia Sears

Executive Director

Francisco Valdiosera

Monarca Academy wishes you all a Merry Christmas today!
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Today we highlight Pablo Alvarado, co-executive director of National Day Laborer Organizing Network. Through ganas (perseverance) he’s had many achievements. Monarca strives to teach students the importance of perseverance.

Learn more about our values at https://www.monarcaacademy.org/

We are thrilled to share this exciting news! 🎉 @laplaza_indy, central Indiana’s premier Latino organization, will serve as anchor partner for @AcademyMonarca, a new public middle school inspired by the Latino and immigrant experience.

Great time connecting with families at @AcademyMonarca Community Day yesterday. @SuperValdi I'm excited about the future of your organization and the #Impact it will have on #OurCommunity.


Sandra Cisneros has demonstrated pride all throughout her career as a writer. Her excellence has led to many awards including the National Medal of the Arts. Monarca Academy hopes to teach Sandra’s pride to students.

Learn more about Monarca Academy at, https://www.monarcaacademy.org/

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