Who We Are
3651 N Kiel Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46224
Hours of Operation
8:15 AM - 2:50 PM
School Type
IPS District-Run School
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS)

Meredith Nicholson Elementary School 96 is a charming little neighborhood school tucked away in a family-oriented, working-class area on the west side of Indianapolis. Especially skilled at teaching English Language Learners, most of the staff has been with School 96 for at least ten years, with some here more than twenty! The school relies on data-driven best practices for teaching all students, including special programs like Orton-Gillingham to teach English Language Learners. Everything we do is communicated in both Spanish and English. Our principal, social worker, and several staff members are fluent in both languages. Generations of families have attended Meredith Nicholson; many students are learning from the same teachers their parents had in school. We have the support of community members and partner organizations, including The Blended Church, IMPD Northwest, the Central Indiana Community Foundation, The United Way, and more. Meredith Nicholson 96 believes in preparing students for their future impact on the world by providing a loving, safe environment of high expectations and best instructional practices so that students grow both academically and socially.


Michelle Jackson