Who We Are
1849 E. Pleasant Run Pkwy S. Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46203
Hours of Operation
8:00 AM - 3:45 PM
School Type
Charter School
Invent Learning Hub

Invent Learning Hub’s vision is to break the cycle of generational poverty by ensuring all students leave eighth grade equipped for the future. ILH aspires to do this by exposing students to career options, empowering students with skills, and supporting families in becoming an active part of the student’s post-secondary plan. By uniting community, industry partners, and families, ILH will prepare students to navigate an ever changing job market and technological world. ILH will empower students through our student attributes and design thinking practices. We believe that future success comes in many forms: college, internships, enlistment, or trade pathways. By eighth grade every student will have a post high school plan which details three potential pathways. This will drive their high school selection and continue them on a path to post-secondary success.

Invent Learning Hub uses personalized learning and design thinking experiences to grow collaborative, entrepreneurial problem-solvers who leave ILH with an individualized post-secondary success plan.

Our goal is to grow students who take agency in defining their own success story. The ILH journey is in partnership with families, community, and industry partners. We believe that learning happens when the heart, hands, and mind intersect. As such, development of student passions, maker-space learning, and rigorous design thinking practices are central to our educational model.


Aleicha Ostler