3725 N Kiel Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46224
Hours of Operation
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
School Type
Charter School, IPS Innovation
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), Neighborhood Charter Network

Enlace Academy believes that all children can and will learn. In order to actualize this bold vision, we implement a school model that focuses first and foremost on building relationships so that every child who comes to our school is both known and loved.

The core values that drives our decisions are: 

Lead with Love: All education begins with intentional time spent building relationships with our students and families. We want all of our children to become the best version of themselves, so we take the time to get to know each student personally and where they are academically in order to best meet their needs.

High Expectations Paired with Strong Supports: When students are given learning environments that uphold high expectations and structure that are consistently enforced, it provides the students with the predictability of what is expected of them and increases their opportunities to be successful. Enlace is a special place where all of our students belong; we have high expectations and we believe that our students can and will meet them.

It’s no secret that families are an integral part of our success as a school. We offer several opportunities for families to engage with us as a school community; but also we believe it’s important to support our families in return. We offer our families ample community resources they need in order to directly support their child. We are excited to offer English classes that will be held at Enlace for our families and community stakeholders!


Stephanie Campos