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55 N Tibbs Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222
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7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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Charter School
Christel House Indianapolis

Teachers at Christel House have the autonomy to try innovative strategies in their classroom to reach all types of learners. Built into the model, teachers take 4 field trips a year with their students to embody the pillar of experiential learning and to provide educational and enriching experiences to our students. Being lifelong learners is extremely important to Christel House, so teachers and staff are encouraged to seek opportunities for their own professional growth and development. Christel House focuses on active learning and teachers are invited to use a variety of instructional methodologies and curriculum resources to present material in an interesting, stimulating and effective manner. Teachers are supported by interventionists, instructional coaches, lead teachers, on-site social workers and counselors, and a staff that thrives on collaborating and improving within the school community.


Did you know Christel House Schools has their own certification program? Learn more about Indy Teach:

Christel House Indianapolis is looking for aspiring educators to serve as apprentices and mentors for the next generation of educators. Their apprenticeship program, @IndyTeach is an alternative teacher preparation program, unlike any other teacher prep program in Indiana. IndyTeach is designed to remove the financial barriers associated with becoming a teacher in order to draw on a broader population and is, therefore, tuition-free, paid, and fully benefited.

To learn more about the @IndyTeach apprenticeship program visit www.chindy.org

Hiring Fair-
Christel House Indianapolis is hosting a hiring fair for exceptional educators and leaders to teach across our network of public charter schools.
As one of Indiana’s longest-standing public charter schools, we are passionate about filling our classrooms with quality educators. We invite you to join us for this event!
*Register by visiting bit.ly/23RecruitmentEvent
Sign-on bonus is available for both certified and non-certified staff.

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