If you’re looking to become a licensed teacher in Indiana, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of sources offering the “right way” to go about it. Let us take the guesswork out of your search. Complete the quick survey below to discover the most helpful resources for you, based on your circumstances.

Discover Your Pathway to Teaching

Helpful Resources

CPR Providers
Connect with one of these providers to become CPR certified.
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Suicide Prevention Training
Access resources to help you complete training and education on suicide prevention.
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Educator Loan Forgiveness and Scholarship Programs
Discover the various ways to have your student loans forgiven.
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Teach Indy Resources
Discover Teach Indy’s library of helpful resources for educators.
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Teacher Preparation Programs

Teach For America
Training teachers to serve in Indianapolis classrooms since 2008.
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TNTP’s Indianapolis Teaching Fellows
Through this program, teachers work toward earning a master’s degree while teaching in the classroom.
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Relay Graduate School of Education
Spend year one in the classroom learning from a master teacher before leading a classroom during year two while pursuing master’s level coursework.
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