Schools that Make a Difference

Teaching in Indianapolis gives you the chance to work in a city where education is prioritized and innovation is thriving.
Candidates for our open jobs should have a desire to work in an urban environment serving the heart of Indianapolis.

With so many schools to choose from—each offering a unique educational model and program—you can find the right fit for your teaching style.

On the map, click on a pin to find out school information. Or scroll the list below to get a brief overview.

Grades Served
William McKinley School 39
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS)
William Penn School 49
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS)
1 10 11 12

Our cities innovative educational landscape includes many unique school for students and teachers to find their just right ‘fit’.

Indianapolis Public Schools’ (IPS) Innovation Network Schools
Innovation Network Schools are public schools that are part of IPS, governed by a board of directors. These schools have autonomy to make school-level decisions (i.e. start time, special programs, salaries), that best meet the needs of their unique school community.

IPS District-Run
District-run schools are traditional schools in the district in the sense that they are managed by Indianapolis Public Schools.

Independent Charter Schools
Nonprofit charter schools are public schools that are governed by a board of directors and have the autonomy to make school-level decisions. They are independent of a district, but are accountable to an authorizer, like the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation.