Schools that Make a Difference

Teaching in Indianapolis gives you the chance to work in a city where education is prioritized and innovation is thriving.
Marion County is home to 11 different school districts and a mix of public school models ranging from independent charter to district-run and a unique hybrid of the two called Innovation Network schools.

With so many schools to choose from—each offering a unique educational model and program—you can find the right fit for your teaching style.

Marion County Public Schools

Beech Grove City Schools

We hold high expectations for every student by delivering highly engaging educational opportunities, designing individualized equitable access, and developing student ownership for learning so every student is positioned for success the day they walk across the stage at graduation. Learn More

Teaching in Beech Grove Schools

Decatur Township

The MSD of Decatur Township is Student Invested,Community Connected. We prioritize Student Learning, Safety and Customer Service, fostering a support system for our families. Learn More

Teaching in Decatur Township

Franklin Community School Corporation

Our mission is to instill in all students a passion for lifelong learning and to inspire each one to contribute as a responsible citizen to the future of our interconnected world. Learn More

Teaching in Franklin Township

Indianapolis Public Schools- IPS (Center Township)

IPS empowers and educates all students to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, to embrace diversity and to pursue their dreams with purpose. Learn More

Teaching in IPS 

Lawrence Township

Through innovation and dedication, we support all students on their education pathways to graduation, college and career. Learn More

Teaching in Lawrence Township

Perry Township

The mission of Perry Township Schools is to provide educational opportunities that create a desire for lifelong learning that inspires all students to maximize their academic success. Learn More

Teaching in Perry Township

Pike Township

The Metropolitan School District of Pike Township cultivates a diverse, innovative learning environment by opening doors of opportunity for students to achieve their maximum potential. Learn More

Teaching in Pike Township

School Town of Speedway

The School Town of Speedway is a highly respected, independent public school corporation in the motor sports capital of the world. Learn More

Teaching in Speedway Schools 

Warren Township

Warren’s mission is to connect tradition with innovation, in a safe and caring environment, that provides exceptional learning experiences and fosters meaningful relationships for ALL Warren students, families and employees. Learn More

Teaching in Warren Township

Washington Township Schools

In Washington Township we develop lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens by fostering the academic, creative, and social skills needed to achieve excellence in a multicultural environment. Learn More

Teaching in Washington Township

Wayne Township

The Mission of Wayne Township is to activate and accelerate student learning. Learn More

Teaching in Wayne Township

Innovation Network Schools (Center Township)

Innovation Network Schools are public schools that are part of the portfolio of school in IPS, center township and are governed by their own board of directors and the IPS board of directors. These schools have autonomy to make school-level decisions (i.e. start time, special programs, salaries), that best meet the needs of their unique school community. To learn more about the Innovation Network Schools visit this website.

Learn more about each school’s mission and find job opportunities via the links below. (Alphabetical order)

Independent Charter Schools (County-Wide)

Nonprofit charter schools are public schools that are governed by a board of directors and have the autonomy to make school-level decisions. They are independent of a district, but are accountable to an authorizer, like the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation. Charter Schools are not bound to a particular district or township and can be located anywhere in Marion County.

Learn more about each school’s mission and find job opportunities via the links below. (Alphabetical order)