Teach Indy Receives National Funding to Diversify Education

Indianapolis, IN – November 8, 2023 — Recently, Teach Indy announced its inclusion in a distinguished national cohort of organizations focused on diversifying the education workforce. The organization has secured vital funding and support from NewSchools Venture Fund, a leading venture philanthropy that funds innovators who are building a better PK-12 education system. 

NewSchools’ generous investment will empower Teach Indy to fully launch its 2023-2028 strategic plan. Through this work, Teach Indy will focus on three pillars:

  • maintaining a countywide teacher-centered coalition to support educators, particularly educators of color, to be more effective and fulfilled professionals, 
  • co-designing solutions to big challenges facing our profession by reimagining the role of the teacher, and 
  • positioning Indy teachers as thought leaders and problem solvers to influence our education ecosystem through our conference and other ongoing learning opportunities

“This partnership underscores Teach Indy’s unwavering commitment to supporting and elevating educators, most especially diverse educators within the education system here in Indianapolis. Our mission is to convene, develop, and recognize educators in Marion County to create an inclusive, diverse, sustainable education system that retains its high-quality educators and supports all students to thrive, and this investment enables us to take meaningful steps to actualizing this mission. We are eager to work together with local educators to address the pressing needs in our schools and communities,” said Sara Marshall, Executive Director

Extensive research has demonstrated that more diversity in schools leads to improved outcomes for all students. Students of color, in particular, do better academically, have fewer disciplinary incidents, and experience more meaningful connections with educators who share their backgrounds, resulting in deeper learning experiences and higher graduation rates.

Despite the fact that over 50% of public school students identify as students of color, the current educator workforce does not adequately reflect this diversity, with teachers of color comprising just 20% of the profession.

In addition to the financial support, Teach Indy will benefit from NewSchools’ expertise, resources, and influential network. This partnership will bolster our capacity to drive meaningful change within the field of education.

In addition to funding, NewSchools provides management assistance and a national community of practice to support venture leaders and their success.  

About Teach Indy

Teach Indy is an Indianapolis nonprofit that convenes, develops, and recognizes educators in Marion County to create an inclusive, diverse, sustainable education system that retains its high-quality educators and supports all students to thrive. Teach Indy aims to elevate the work of Indianapolis educators across Marion County by hosting an interactive virtual educator community and annual conference, supporting schools to reimagine the teaching role and fostering educator appreciation in partnership with local organizations. Learn more at teachindynow.org.

About NewSchools  

NewSchools is a venture philanthropy that builds a better education system by connecting people, resources, and ideas. We bridge the gap between those with capital and those with the courage to put that capital to work on the frontlines of education. We believe that philanthropy can advance education in a more equitable, collaborative, and courageous way — and we’re proving it every day. Learn more at newschools.org.   

Contact Information for Teach Indy: Sara Marshall – sara@teachindynow.org, 317-331-9263