Teach Indy launches as an independent nonprofit organization

Teach Indy is excited to announce our transition to an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit, Teach Indy will continue recruiting, developing, and retaining high-quality educators for Indianapolis schools through events, professional development opportunities, celebrations, and other strategies to support our city’s incredible teachers.

In 2018, Teach Indy launched as an initiative between Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), The Mind Trust, and the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation (OEI). It has served more than 500 Indianapolis educators through conferences, recognitions, and hiring support. Teach Indy created partnerships with the College Football Playoff Foundation, Teachers’ Treasures, the Indiana Learning Lab, local sports teams, and more to help elevate and support Indianapolis teachers. 

Moving forward, Teach Indy will continue much of the foundational work that our city has come to appreciate including quarterly new teacher networking events, the Teach Indy Educators Conference, Educator Awards, the Membership program, support for job seekers, hiring and networking events, and elevating teacher voice through the Teach Indy blog.

Sara Marshall will serve as Executive Director. Sara has more than 15 years of experience in education and most recently served as the Senior Director of Talent at The Mind Trust. Prior to that, she worked for TNTP and was a math teacher in Pike Township. 

“To ensure students reach their fullest potential, it is critical that we support and respect the valuable role educators play in our schools and community,” Teach Indy Executive Director, Sara Marshall shared. “Our approaches to recruitment and retention of teachers, particularly teachers of color, will need to evolve. It will take new ways of thinking, new partnerships, and additional guidance from educators. Teach Indy is looking forward to serving as the space for teachers to network, grow and influence change in our education system.”

In addition to existing programs, Teach Indy will: seek additional educator pipelines and licensure pathways, elevate development and networking opportunities for educators, convene new and existing partners as education allies, and showcase educator excellence.

Teach Indy is grateful to its founding partners, IPS, OEI, The Mind Trust, and local stakeholders for their vision to build a city-wide effort to support educators.  We look forward to building on the last four years of impact to increase the number of educators who feel supported, appreciated, and excited about teaching in Indy. 

If you are interested in learning more about a partnership with Teach Indy or contributing to Teach Indy’s work, please visit us at our website.