Science Teacher

George Washington High School

Teaches one or more Sciences to high school students by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Instructs students using District-approved resources. Instructional methods include: modeling, guided practice, lecturing, cooperative learning, integration of technology.
  • Prepares daily lesson plans focusing on Indiana Science standards, course objectives, student performance and student assessments. Lesson plans should follow curriculum guidelines and requirements of the State, District and School.
  • Administers frequent formal and informal assessments to monitor student learning. Examples include: District Assessments, classroom exams, homework, projects, essays, classroom discussion.
  • Analyzes data to make instructional adjustments to improve student learning.
  • Communicates with students and parents concerning their progress.
  • Enters daily student attendance on District system.
  • Maintains a positive classroom learning environment and records/reports discipline concerns via the District system.
  • Participates in faculty and professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops.
Job Type
Grade Level
High School (9-12)
Grade Categories
Classroom Teacher
Job Subjects