School Social Worker Job Description

Edison School of the Arts

School Social Worker Job Description 


Edison School of the Arts, Inc.’s Principal 


Address barriers to student learning, including social, emotional and mental health challenges and provide services at the school-wide, family, small group and individual levels. 

Assists students with behavioral, mental, emotional, or physical issues. 

  1. Utilizes student, school and community data to plan, identify and implement evidence-based, culturally competent prevention strategies to meet student needs. 2. Provides assessment and instruction/intervention at the school wide prevention level, at the targeted classroom/small group level and at the individual behavioral/mental health level to address issues that prevent learning readiness.
  2. Works collaboratively with school professionals, parents and community leaders in a culturally responsive manner to support the optimum learning environment for students. 4. Serves as a member of the educational evaluation multidisciplinary team with responsibilities that may include the preparation of a social and developmental history on a student.
  3. Assists in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies.
  4. Provides brief individual and group counseling to students and families who need help with personal concerns or development problems.
  5. Consults with school staff and parents regarding strategies for helping students cope with personal and social concerns.
  6. Accesses and links community resources to students, families and the school in response to identified needs. To accomplish this responsibility, home and agency visits are required.
  7. Counsels students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical limitation or condition indicates need for assistance.Consults with parents, teachers, and other school personnel to determine causes of problems and effect solutions.
  8. Arranges for medical, psychiatric, and other tests and examinations that may disclose causes of difficulties and indicate remedial measures.
  9. Attempts to alter attitudes and behavior of parents and teachers that cause or aggravate problems.
  10. Recommends change of class or school, special tutoring, or other treatment to effect remedy.
  11. Serves as liaison between student, home, school, and community resources such as family service agencies, child guidance clinics, courts, protective services, doctors, and clergy members. To accomplish this responsibility, home or agency visits are required.
  12. Serves as consultant to school personnel regarding students or situations which are not referred for direct service.
  13. Leads group counseling sessions to enhance social development of individual members and provide peer support in areas such as grief, stress, or chemical dependency.
  1. Handles detailed, complex concepts and problems, balances multiple tasks simultaneously, and makes rapid decisions regarding administrative issues. 2. Establishes strong and appropriate relationships with students, families, volunteers, staff and community partners. 
  2. Plans and meets deadlines. 
  3. Conveys a professional and positive image and attitude regarding Edison School of the Arts, Inc. and innovation school movement as a whole. 
  4. Demonstrates commitment to continued professional growth and development. QUALIFICATIONS 
  5. Requires a Master’s Degree in Social Work.
  6. Must hold a valid Indiana School Services Personnel License as a School Social Worker and Indiana Professional Standards Board license.
  7. Experience working in a school environment is preferred.


Job Type
Grade Level
Elementary (K-6), Middle School (6-8)
Grade Categories
Student and Family Services
Job Subjects
Social Worker