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School Counselor

Avondale Meadows Middle School
Avondale Meadows Middle School

In 2020, Avondale Meadows Middle School received an “A” rating from Indiana’s Department of Education.  An expansion of our highly rated elementary school located in one of Indianapolis’s most underserved communities, Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS) is a tuition-free, 5-8 public charter school. In our brand new building, we serve a diverse collection of families, educators and volunteers committed to equipping our students with the strongest possible preparation for success in Indianapolis’s most demanding, college-preparatory high schools. 


We benefit greatly from the collective knowledge and resources of a broad array of local leaders committed to “making magic in the Meadows,” the neighborhood we are working to transform through the power of great schools.


The Position

Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS) is looking for a skilled, knowledgeable, hardworking individual, dedicated to helping our students develop not only their academic skills but also the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in school and life. The AMMS school counselor will work with students individually as well as in small groups, helping them make sense of the social nature of education and building their skills in teamwork, self-management, future planning. The coordinator will create a mentorship program for students that ensure meaningful relationships and build a sense of community.  He/she will also work to support our families and their capacity to position their children for school and life-long success. 


The School Counselor will work with students and families to ensure college and career readiness. This involves supporting our families as they navigate high school options in the city of Indianapolis and connecting them with 21st Century Scholars. Additionally, the counselor will communicate with families regarding the importance of regular school attendance, monitor chronic attendance issues, and collaborate with the SRO to conduct home visits it is important to ensure compliance with attendance policies. The coordinator will help monitor school attendance but most importantly will actively work in close relationship with students and families to improve attendance.  This is an especially exciting opportunity to contribute to the success of our school, just entering its fourth year of operation. We are working to define a truly college-preparatory program for middle school students, many of whom would be the first member of their families to graduate from college. 



The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following qualifications:

  • Experience with Program Development and Planning in Counseling and Social Work
  • Capacity to provide social, behavioral and academic support for students from diverse socio-economic and educational backgrounds.
  • Skills and experience in working with and guiding parents, grandparents and guardians to effectively support their child’s academic and social development
  • Skills in leadership as well as organizational development and, specifically, building a counseling program focused that fits a college-preparatory learning environment.      
  • Excellent writing and overall communication skills.
  • Cooperative, energetic, innovative and effective in a fast-paced, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment
  • A goal orientation, high standards and ample initiative
  • In agreement with the mission statement and goals of Avondale Meadows Middle School 


To apply for this position, please visit: https://app.hirenimble.com/jobs/United-Schools-Indy


Questions of interest or clarification of this position should be directed to:

Chrystal Westerhaus, Principal – cwesterhaus@avondalemeadowsms.org


Job Type
Grade Level
Middle School (6-8)
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