Special Education Paraprofessional (full-time)- Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

This position pays $16-20 per hour and includes full benefits (below):

The Special Education Paraprofessional serves as a member of the instructional team at the Indianapolis Metropolitan High School and will be a member of a school community with an educational model that complements the acclaimed barrier removal work Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana does at The Excel Centers, Nurse-Family Partnership, and other award-winning programs.  The Special Education Paraprofessional assists as directed by certified staff in the effort to support all academic and/or behavioral support for students with disabilities in classes ranging from grades 9-12 in a “best fit” environment for teenagers with significant barriers to education.  With our core values of Professional, Unstoppable, Motivated, Accountable, and Supportive, the school priorities include:

  • High rigor, high support instruction to close academic gaps and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities.
  • Trauma-informed social-emotional learning.
  • Student and family empowerment through coordination with a robust student services team of coaches, counselors, and more.

Example Duties and Activities

  • Assists in successfully maintaining students with special needs in an integrated setting, as determined by the IEP/504/ESL team(s).
  • Works to deliver differentiated instruction through co-teaching models, including whole group instruction and small group to reinforce learning of materials or skills introduced and outlined in the course.
  • Assists students in completing make-up assignments and remediation from teacher-led classes using materials provided by teachers.
  • Provides students the opportunity to excel in credit attainment; this includes communicating progress to students, guardians, and other adults, providing assistance in reading, note-taking, and study strategies, and creating remediation plans for students who are struggling.
  • Fosters a structured and supportive classroom environment that is consistent with school agreements, is trauma-informed, and provides students with frequent feedback to support their social-emotional development.
  • Tracks, maintains, and reports on relevant data to set improvement and/or achievement goals and to drive future evaluation and feedback.   Ensures student information system is accurate and up-to-date.  Collects, records, and sends student assignments to appropriate destinations.
  • Provides supervision of students in school-wide settings, including hallways, cafeteria, and arrival and dismissal.
  • Participates in student recruitment and outreach efforts for students looking for a best-fit school.
  • Performs clerical, supervision, and instructional duties as assigned by the special education team, including tracking service minutes and progress monitoring.
  • Builds relationships with students and their webs of support.  Communicates strengths and areas for improvement frequently and uses restorative approaches to resolve conflict.
  • Collaborates with colleagues to refer and connect students to wraparound services including Family Empowerment Coaching for internal and community resources, Social-Emotional Learning, Special Education, and more.

Required Competencies

  • Degree and Credential Requirements – High school diploma required.
  • Tutoring Expertise – Has a good grasp of a variety of subjects with an ability to explain concepts easily to assist,  ideally high school-age students in a high poverty, racially diverse setting, in achieving expected competencies in core academic skills.  Creates, adapts, and delivers instructional materials to break up learning into steps.
  • Student Engagement – Takes a strengths-based, student-centered approach to developing relationships at all levels while establishing appropriate boundaries. Adept at delivering feedback that is constructive and unbiased. Creates and maintains a safe environment for open discussions.
  • Results-Oriented – Is compelled to recognize what results are important and what steps need to be taken to achieve set goals or targets.  Adept at effectively prioritizing multiple priorities.
  • Communication Skills – Articulates thoughts and expresses ideas effectively using oral, written, visual, and non-verbal communication skills, as well as listening skills to comprehend customers’ needs. Delivers information in person, in writing, and in a digital world.
  • Teamwork – Works well with others and makes valued contributions to the outputs of others in order to assist the team or project to achieve the required outputs.
  • Diversity Awareness – Works with diverse populations including people who have experienced barriers to their education.

Other Requirements

Background Screening – All candidates must pass a pre-employment background check.

Benefits: Full-time employees may participate in a comprehensive benefits program that includes:

  • Continuing education and leadership development as well as tuition reimbursement
  • Comprehensive health plan
  • Pay continuance during school breaks (spring, summer and fall)
  • Paid time off (PTO) and paid holidays
  • Life, dental and vision insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability plans
  • Nationally recognized preventive health and wellness program
  • Section 125 pre-tax health spending account, dependent care spending account, and premiums
  • Retirement plan with generous match or contribution into Teachers’ Retirement Fund for eligible employees
Job Type
Grade Level
High School (9-12)
Grade Categories
Administrator, Instructional Support, Other, Support Staff
School Year