Multilingual Learners Coordinator & Teacher

Circle City Prep Middle School

Job Description

The Multilingual Learners Coordinator & Teacher (MLCT) serves as a specialist for students who are learning the English language. The MLCT works in a program designed to provide direct English Language Development instruction in the classroom, small groups, and/or individual student settings. In addition to this specific individualized instruction, the MLCT will assist general education classroom teachers with internalization of appropriate curricula and the development of appropriate strategies to meet the unique needs of our Multilingual Learners. The MLCT will follow the regulations associated with ELD standards and reporting requirements that pertain to Title III. The MLCT teacher works under the supervision of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Job Responsibilities:

As the Multilingual Learners Coordinator & Teacher you will:

  • Ensure that all students receive the educational services that they need to succeed.
  • Coach and Manage MLL aids and full-school team to ensure all staff are effective in delivering the intervention and support services needed to succeed.
  • Develop Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for all ML students.
  • Monitor Fluent English Proficient students who have exited the ML services within the last two years.
  • Maintain cumulative folders with required paperwork for Multilingual Learners.
  • Coordinate administration of required language proficiency (W-APT/ACCESS) and academic achievement tests within the required time frame
  • Provide language development support via push-in or pull-out model
  • Utilize WIDA framework and standards in the development of lesson plans
  • Actively participate in Weekly Data Meetings and Observation/Feedback Meetings, preparing, crafting and following up with key action steps with coach
  • Prepare for and facilitate student support meetings with students on their caseload, including communicating with teachers and other staff members prior to and after the meeting.
  • Support school-wide staff in strategies to best academically, culturally, and operationally serve the needs of ML students and families
  • Engage in regular trainings with school leaders to benefit from targeted, in-the-moment feedback on instruction
  • Identify incoming students’ ML needs, as indicated by the Home Language Survey responses
  • Be accountable for students’ mastery of academic standards
  • Participate in annual two-week Summer Experience (all staff) and two-days of New Hire Onboarding (new staff only).
  • Attend and participate in events outside of normal school hours (ex. family nights, student performances, field trips, family conferences, Back-to-School Nights, etc.).
  • Commit to teach an extended daily schedule: 7:10am – 4:15pm


To be considered as the Multilingual Learners Coordinator & Teacher, you must:

  • Have a track record of producing dramatic, demonstrable student achievement gains or comparable results in current field.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is preferred
  • Minimum two years teaching experience in an urban public district school or urban public charter school setting
  • Valid Indiana State certification or proof of reciprocal licensure in a different state is required. Applicants in Indiana Stated-approved alternative certification programs must provide proof of enrollment.
  • Be a person who meets challenges with optimism and a solutions-oriented mindset. 
  • Pass criminal background check, as required by law


Provided Benefits:

  • Health Insurance (Include Vision & Dental)
  • Short and Long-Term Disability
  • Automatic Employer Retirement Contribution
  • Employee Assistance Program Benefits
  • Provided technology
Job Type
Grade Level
Middle School (6-8)
Grade Categories
English Language Learning
Job Subjects
English Language Learning
School Year