Middle School Math Teacher

URBAN ACT Academy at Washington Irving School 14
About URBAN ACT Academy:

URBAN ACT Academy is a non-profit 501(c) 3 charter school opening our doors to serve students and families in the Indianapolis area for the 2021-22 school year. The mission of URBAN ACT Academy is to empower students as leaders and to develop globally competitive scholars and informed citizens. URBAN ACT stands for “Us Reaching, Benefitting, Aiding & Nurturing A Community Together”. URBAN says that we are focusing on core city communities that are often overlooked and underserved. ACT says that we are prepared to highlight the rich assets in our communities while also addressing the tough issues facing our neighbors, not simply through words or ideas but through meaningful action.

URBAN ACT Academy incorporates a place-based academic model to reimagine the student experience and to position our students for success. Through place-based instruction, students are immersed in the local culture, landscape and experiences that are then used to connect the foundational studies of the core content. The place-based learning component of our educational model is a key tool for helping students understand the relevance of their learning in relation to their own diverse identities and personal lives.

Essential functions of an URBAN ACT Academy Middle School Math Teacher include but are not limited to:

Planning and Delivering Effective Instruction

  • Use URBAN ACT Academy’s curriculum guides to create rigorous, objective-drive, place-based lessons aligned to the Indiana state standards
  • Collaborate with coaches and professional learning teams to design and implement unit and lesson plans with grade level or content team
  • Present academic content using a variety of instructional strategies to engage all learners
  • Differentiate for students based on their learning needs to ensure that students are appropriately challenged and are on track to achieving measurable academic goals
  • Actively prepare and participate in data meetings to assess and track performance towards academic goals 

Creating a Culture of Learning

  • Create a positive, achievement focused learning environment that motivates students to participate and excel at high levels
  • Work with the school community in using the Restorative Framework and principles as well as the URBAN ACT Academy school culture guide to build relationships and to promote a culture of fairness and respect for all
  • Implement school-wide and classroom procedures, systems and routines to provide structure, ensure the safety and well-being of our scholars and to maximize instructional time 

Family and Community Relations

  • Maintain timely and open lines of ongoing communication with families, communicating thoughtfully and respectfully
  • Work collaboratively with families and community members remaining sensitive to different cultures, values and/or needs

Professionalism and Continued Development

  • Participate in all professional development meetings including summer institute, orientation, school retreats and team building activities
  • Collaborate with others to improve instruction and school culture
  • Reflect critically on personal teaching experience, and incorporate feedback from observations to identify and advocate for future professional development and inform the Individual Professional Development Plan
  • Fulfill all functions related to the role of teacher as assigned by the Principal in a timely and thorough manner 
Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Bachelors’ degree, preferably in Education

Certification: Indiana certification in secondary education (or willingness to seek valid state certification if needed)

Compensation: Starting pay for licensed teacher is $42,500 commensurate with experience.


Job Type
Grade Level
Middle School (6-8)
Grade Categories
Classroom Teacher
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