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Avondale Meadows Middle School
Avondale Meadows Middle School

An expansion of our highly rated elementary school located in one of Indianapolis’s most underserved communities, Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS) is an A-Rated, tuition-free, 5-8 public charter school. In our brand new building, we serve a diverse collection of families, educators and volunteers committed to equipping our students with the strongest possible preparation for success in Indianapolis’s most demanding, college-preparatory high schools. 


AMMS employs a rigorous and engaging curriculum aligned to state standards. Our teachers use a wide breadth of effective instructional strategies, innovative tools and technology and a variety of services to challenge and support students to meet ambitious academic goals. We find creative, engaging ways to involve parents in our work helping students build not only their academic skills but also habits of curiosity, kindness, focus and persistence essential to college and life success. 


We benefit greatly from the collective knowledge and resources of a broad array of local leaders committed to “making magic in the Meadows,” the neighborhood we are working to transform through the power of great schools.


The Position

AMMS is looking for a full time/part time skilled, knowledgeable teacher dedicated to helping all students succeed with math in our school. This person will work within a team of teachers at each grade level, helping all students achieve rigorous learning standards. The overall schedule or day of our Intervention Teachers will vary by grade level; however, on whole, our Intervention Teachers’ mornings will focus primarily on helping students – especially those that are well below grade or well above grade level – make ample progress on measures of reading development. Our Intervention Teachers will develop targeted math lessons aligned with the overall classroom objectives and to meet specific learning goals. The IT will be responsible for designing and implementing specific lessons in math. IT’s will lend differentiated support for students who need extra help in achieving the lesson’s objectives and overall performance goals or require challenging enrichment activities to ensure they keep learning. 


At different points in the academic week or day, Intervention Teachers at AMMS will also assume full responsibility for classroom lessons in the event that the classroom’s regular teacher must step out of the classroom. For instance, classroom teachers may step out on a weekly basis to observe a colleague, meet with parents or other team members, or prepare a special lesson. In each case, our Intervention Teachers – with, in most cases, at least a day’s preparation or “warning” – will step up and assume responsibility for students’ mastery of the lesson’s objectives. The goal, in the end, is that our students experience a seamless instructional program, while affording all teachers sufficient time and flexibility to strengthen their skills and lessons through effective planning, continuous assessment and regular collaboration. 


Finally, as critical members of our overall team, every staff member regularly assumes responsibility for welcoming students as they enter each day, coordinating school events, assisting with supervision, and generally fulfilling a range of responsibilities to help keep our building a safe, inviting and supportive place to learn. Intervention Educators will be expected to take on these various responsibilities and be an important part of our efforts to deliver a high quality education to every student in our school. 



The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following qualifications:

  • A valid Indiana certification in area of secondary education/elementary/math.
  • Experience working with children in the area of math and helping them build the academic skills fundamental to school success.
  • Strong curriculum knowledge and familiarity with content area.
  • The instructional and management tools necessary to provide a diverse group of students at varying skill levels with a safe, supportive environment to grow and do their very best work.
  • Experience and interest involving families (parents, grandparents and guardians) as well as the community in support of children’s academic and social development
  • Excellent writing and overall communication skills
  • A cooperative, energetic disposition and capacity to work in concert with one’s team. 
  • A deep interest in working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment relentlessly focused on high standards and achieving ambitious goals for our young students.
  • Leadership potential and willingness to take initiative in addressing issues in and outside the classroom in order to continuously improve the overall quality of the AMMS program


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Chrystal Westerhaus, Principal –


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Middle School (6-8)
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Instructional Support
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