Math Coach

George Washington High School

The Instructional Coach is a professional development delivery model that extends math-specific training into the classroom, implementing scientifically instruction through deliberate, systematic professional development. It involves on-site support and guidance for teachers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Data: read, interpret, and apply data to determine appropriate instruction with the ability to teach others to do the same;
Research-based reading/language arts/math programs: provide knowledge of a variety of programs, their research base, and their appropriate application to specific students and settings;
Instructional practices for struggling students: ability to model for other teachers, from coaching to solo implementation;
Collaboration: ability to work well with others, encourage and support them;
Skilled observations: observe teachers and students and provide supportive rather than evaluative;
Professional Development: through high quality communication skills, the instructional coach will effectively provide knowledge of research with others.


  • Models best-practices into the classroom.
  • Formulates and maintains grade-level intervention schedules.
  • Monitors use of intervention schedules for accountability.
  • Receives and responds to inquiries from administrators and teachers from other schools.
  • Provides support, mentoring and assistance to all classroom teachers with the implementation of scientifically-based g materials, strategies and programs including demonstrating lessons, observing instruction, providing support, and curriculum mapping process.
  • Collaborates with grade-level teams to set goal for improving instruction.
  • Prepares forms, records and reports as directed, including those for conferencing, demonstrations, follow-up conferencing observations, and reflection/post conferencing.
  • Works with teachers to analyze data, plan intervention, group students for differentiated instruction, and monitor student progress through standards and benchmarks.
  • Addresses ineffective practices, through consultation, feedback and modeling.
  • Provides support, assistance and accountability to teachers implementing continuous progress monitoring.
  • Provides on-site staff development to ensure teachers are knowledgeable about SBRR, the core reading program and supplemental materials, intervention strategies for struggling readers, assessment administration and the use of assessment data for instructional planning.
  • Collaborates with teachers, administrators, to identify school and district professional development needs.
  • Attends meetings and training and conferences as directed.
    Weekly (as needed)
  • Meets regularly with principal to review student assessment data, assess progress toward grade-level goals, and status of implementation.
  • Meets with teachers individually and attends grade-level meetings.


  • Valid Indiana Teacher’s license in Math
  • Minimum of 5 years of successful classroom teaching experience
  • Use of technology as a vehicle to facilitate curriculum mapping process
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities, particularly within a change process
  • Working knowledge of State Standards
  • Organized, yet flexible; good management skills
  • Demonstrates proficiency with writing and technology
  • Willing to attend summer trainings
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with other professional staff members
Job Type
Grade Level
High School (9-12)
Grade Categories
Instructional Support
Job Subjects