Intervention Assistant

Avondale Meadows Academy


  1. Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills. 
  2. Knowledge of the laws, rules, procedures, and programs specifically related to teaching in Indiana public schools.
  3. Growth mindset to receive and implement weekly feedback. 
  4. Evaluate problems and implement effective and creative solutions 
  5. Analyze, develop, establish, and maintain efficient classroom flow 
  6. Maintain emotional control under stress 
  7. Manage simultaneous demands from a variety of sources 
  8. Exercise excellent judgment in decision-making 
  9. Communicate effectively with student families 
Job Requirements 


Associates Degree is required. 

Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but not required. 

Job Description 

As Intervention Assistant you will: 

  1. Use various management techniques effectively to create a productive and warm culture in your small group setting 
  2. Develop lessons in collaboration with classroom teachers 
  3. Implement effective instructional and management strategies based on Teach Like a Champion and Get Better Faster 
  4. Provide individual or small group instruction to a specific grade level students based on their needs 5. Follow pacing guides set forth by administration 
  5. Attend and participate in weekly coaching meetings 
  6. Participate in being formally evaluated several times each year 
  7. Track scholar data, monitor progress, and adjust instruction 
  8. Follow a daily schedule of pullout and push in support for a specific grade level 
  9. Communicate student progress with classroom teachers on daily or weekly basis 
  10. Use strategies and language from our curriculums: Wit & Wisdom, Eureka Math, Fundations Phonics to support intervention groups 
  11. Active in the school’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to ensure all scholars grow academically, behaviorally, and social-emotionally 
  12. Active at daily posts: arrival, dismissal, and lunchroom 
  13. Assume classroom teacher role for teacher during Case Conferences, parent teacher conferences, and/or as requested by administration 


Job Type
Grade Level
Elementary (K-6)
Grade Categories
Instructional Support
Job Subjects