Instructional Coach

George Buck School 94

Instructional Coaches will provide strategic instructional support to building level coaches and teachers within a specific content area via professional development, walkthroughs, model lessons, and lesson development training. Instructional Coaches will support and train building level coaches/teachers in the district instructional focus of Mastery Learning. Instructional Coaches will also provide additional curriculum resources to ensure schools gain success on all formative and summative assessments in efforts to impact overall student achievement.


  • Demonstrates command of and expertise in their content area
  • Ensures instruction aligns with curricula demands and student needs
  • Designs and facilitates monthly content specific training for teachers and building level coaches
  • Creates day by day pacing guides to support authentic lesson development
  • Assists in monitoring adherence to pacing guides
  • Aids in differentiation of instruction
  • Facilitates usage of all parts of the Mastery Learning Instructional Framework
  • Aids in the development of teachers’ knowledge of content and best practices in delivery
  • Supports building level coaches and teachers in developing plans for instruction
  • Guides building level coaches in modeling/co-teaching lessons
  • Provides debriefing opportunities for teachers and building level coaches
  • Provides walk-throughs to support instructional best practices
  • Attends professional learning community meetings to scaffold instructional planning based on formative/summative assessment results
  • Analyzes teachers’ effectiveness in accordance with students’ performance
  • Assesses schools professional development needs
  • Recommends instructional strategies for improvement
  • Assists principal and school leadership team in utilizing student performance data to develop school-wide literacy/math goals and implementation plans
  • Performs additional school support duties as necessary



  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Must be deemed Highly Qualified in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education or their last state of employment
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of successful classroom teaching experience and working with other teachers
  • Strong organizational and management skills
  • Strong leadership abilities, particularly within a change process
  • Knowledge of Mastery Learning Instructional Framework
  • Experience in planning and facilitating professional development sessions either as a teacher or presenter
  • Working knowledge of the Indiana Academic Standards/Indiana Common Core Standards
  • Demonstrates high proficiency with writing and technology
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with other professional staff members
Job Type
Grade Level
Elementary (K-6)
Grade Categories
Instructional Support
Job Subjects