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Instructional Coach

Avondale Meadows Middle School
Avondale Meadow Middle School

Located in one of Indianapolis’s most underserved communities, the Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS) is a tuition-free, 5-8 public charter school currently in its fifth year in operation. We are diverse collection of families, educators and volunteers committed to equipping our students with the strongest possible preparation for success in Indianapolis’s most demanding, college-preparatory high schools. 


AMMS employs a rigorous and engaging curriculum aligned to state standards.  Our teachers use a wide breath of effective instructional strategies, innovative tools and technology and a variety of services to challenge and support students to meet ambitious academic goals. We find creative, engaging ways to involve parents in our work helping students build not only their academic skills but also habits of curiosity, kindness, focus and persistence essential to college and life success. 


Job Duties:
  • Support all staff by observing each staff member a minimum of once a week, providing them with actionable bite-sized feedback, and monitor progress toward meeting that action step.
  • Lead lesson plan internalization with teachers to ensure teachers have the content knowledge necessary to deliver lessons
  • Facilitate weekly data meetings, analyze student work and develop weekly reteach plans.  
  • Active participation on the Instructional Leadership Team.
  • Analysis of school, teacher and student achievement data for the purpose of determining instructional focus, support and professional development priorities.
  • Plan, organize, and deliver weekly professional development.
  • Evaluate teacher performance using teacher evaluation rubrics.
  • Design and implement school’s Professional Development program for teachers, based on teacher performance and student learning data.
  • Other Duties: Support of the Overall Growth and Operations of the School


  • The ideal candidate for this position will meet the following qualifications:
  • Evidence of successful teaching as measured by performance evaluations, promotions and portfolio of work.
  • Demonstrated expertise in curriculum development, student learning, test analysis, mentoring, and professional development, as demonstrated by an advanced degree, training and/or career experience.
  • Student learning data that illustrates the teacher’s ability to increase student achievement through utilizing specific instructional interventions.
  • Instructional expertise demonstrated through model teaching, team teaching, video presentations and student achievement gains.
  • Skill and expertise in facilitating growth and skill development among adults.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A cooperative, energetic disposition and capacity to work in concert with one’s team.
  • A deep interest in working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment relentlessly focused on high standards and achieving ambitious goals for our young students.
  • Leadership and willingness to take initiative in addressing issues in and outside specific job requirements in order to continuously improve the overall quality of AMMS.


To apply for this position, please visit: https://app.hirenimble.com/jobs/United-Schools-Indy


Questions of interest or clarification of this position should be directed to:

Chrystal Westerhaus, Principal – cwesterhaus@avondalemeadowsms.org


Job Type
Grade Level
Middle School (6-8)
Grade Categories
Instructional Support