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Instructional Assistant

Rooted School Indy at Eastern Star Church
Job Title:

Instructional Assistant 

Job purpose 

Instructional Assistants provides support to a lead teacher in charge of a classroom. These professionals reinforce lessons by tutoring individual students or small groups. Their duties include creating lesson plans, documenting progress, and overseeing lesson preparations. 

Duties and responsibilities 
  • Work with the lead teacher to monitor the class schedule. 
  • Assist teachers with lesson preparation by getting materials ready and setting up equipment.
  • Revise lesson material with students individually or in small groups. 
  • Ensure the classroom environment is safe and clean. 
  • Oversee students during non-classroom times including in-between classes, during lunch, and on field excursions. 
  • Collaborate with lead teachers to recognize issues students are facing and recommend solutions. 
  • Document student progress and communicate with parents to keep them informed.
  • Help lead teachers to create lesson plans. 
  • Comply with state, school, and class rules and regulations. 
  • Attend all training classes, parent conferences, and faculty meetings. 
Skills and Qualifications 
  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education or relevant field is preferred. 
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a teaching assistant or similar role.
  • Solid understanding of classroom activities and teaching best practices.
  •  Must have a compassionate and positive attitude. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Outstanding interpersonal and presentation abilities. 
Working conditions 
  • This job operates in a classroom environment. May also be required to spend some time outside when students are at recess or getting on and off the bus. 
Physical requirements 
  • Standing: Remaining upright on the feet, particularly for sustained periods of time
  • Walking: Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly for long distances
  • Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word; those activities where detailed or important spoken instructions must be conveyed to other workers accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • The worker is subject to both environmental conditions: Activities occur inside and outside
  •  Direct reports

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Job Type
Grade Level
High School (9-12), Middle School (6-8)
Grade Categories
Instructional Support