Head Track Coach- Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

The Head Track Coach will serve as a member of the Athletic Department, leading an athletic team for high school students in a “best fit” environment for teenagers with significant barriers to education.  Indianapolis Metropolitan High School’s Athletic Department is committed to using athletics to help develop student athletes who exemplify the Puma Promise character traits: Professional, Unstoppable, Motivated, Accountable, and Supportive.  Athletics should serve as a catalyst for students’ academic success during their time at Indy Met and for their post-secondary success in college or the workforce.

This position will pay a stipend of $2,500.

School priorities include:

  • High rigor, high support instruction to close academic gaps and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities
  • Trauma-informed social emotional learning
  • Student and family empowerment through coordination with a robust Student Services team of coaches, counselors, and more.

Responsibilities include:

  • Achieve academic and holistic outcomes for student athletes including:
    • Number of students with 90% academic engagement
    • Number of student athletes who earn 5+ credits per semester.
    • Number of student athletes eligible for graduation who graduate on time.
    • Number of student athlete graduates who enroll in college, enlist, or are employed at time of graduation.
  • Develop Students Holistically
    • Conduct effective study tables and track check-ins with students who are at risk of becoming ineligible.
    • Provide students with exposure, advice, and mentoring to promote post-secondary planning.
    • Model sportsmanship, respect, emotional regulation, and professionalism in communication and holds players accountable to the same behaviors.
    • Build a culture where players: Work hard, strive for quality, react to feedback positively, demonstrate motivation to improve; Are attentive when coach speaks; Strive as a group to make each other better (peer-to-peer accountability)
    • Use Puma Points to acknowledge small wins across student athletes and reinforce Puma Promise school values.
  • Develop Students & Team Athletically
    • Show knowledge of sport rules, skills, and strategies.
    • Use best practices to teach students including modeling, checking for understanding, and providing feedback.
    • Use coaching actions strategically, including time outs, substitutions, and clock management
    • Develop highlight reels for students who are pursuing college athletics.
  • Ensure compliance with all state and local laws and policies 
    • Complete required trainings
    • Submit rosters
    • Monitor student athlete transfers
    • Monitor student athlete eligibility
    • Hold students athletes accountable with disciplinary action
    • Communicate with students, families & school
    • Be on-time and present for all practices & contests
    • Supervise student athletes
    • Ensure student athlete health & safety
    • Use & secure the facility
    • Maintain supply & uniform inventory
    • Oversee student travel
    • Provide financial oversight
    • Follow Goodwill media & marketing policies
  • Support the Athletic Department
    • Celebrate students by sharing nominations for athletes of the week (using Puma Promise) and nominating students for athletic awards.
    • Fundraise for the Athletic Department
    • Volunteer at Contests to Support the Athletic Department


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.  Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, be able to drive, and qualify under the district’s insurance carrier when driving a district vehicle.
  • Current Indiana Teaching License preferred
  • 2-3 years of coaching experience preferred
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of sport, coaching strategies, and be able to physically demonstrate and model techniques in their sport.
Job Type
Grade Level
High School (9-12)
Grade Categories
Athletics and Activities, Other
School Year