Founding Elementary English Language Teacher

Allegiant Prep Academy



Our teachers will create a classroom culture that drives student achievement and personal growth for every one of our students, building a game-changing school that redefines public education for students and families of Indianapolis. Your job is to hold your students to a high bar (both academically and behaviorally), model our school core values at all times, and grow as a leader in this work every day (driven by personal reflection, coaching from school leadership, and working in partnership with transformational colleagues). This work will be personally, physically and intellectually exhausting. This work will push you to your professional limits. This work will ask more of you than you thought you had to give. But you will be part of something that will transform the lives of hundreds of students in Indianapolis.


Job Responsibilities:

As a Founding English Language Teacher, you will:

  • Create and execute lessons for small groups of students that require additional academic support
  • Collaborate with general education teachers to create and execute lessons that support all students, including EL students
  • Communicating with Dean of Curriculum and Instruction (DCI) as needed
  • Collaborate with DCI and general education teachers in coordinating schedules, modifications, and push-in and pull-out lessons
  • Assist school leadership in facilitating professional development related to modifications and accommodations for EL students
  • Assist in the WIDA process, and necessary testing.
  • Manage family relationships and communication for students
  • Consistently analyze scholar data and engage in self-reflection on practices
  • Complete all duties, posts and tasks as assigned by direct report or leadership team
  • Be responsible for entering and updating any student information into SIS or state reporting systems
Job Type
Grade Level
Elementary (K-6)
Grade Categories
English Language Learning
Job Subjects