Boys & Girls Track Coach- Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School

This position will pay a stipend of $2,500.

The Boys & Girls Track Coach will serve as a member of the Athletic Department, leading an athletic team for high school students in a “best fit” environment for teenagers with significant barriers to education.  Indianapolis Metropolitan High School’s Athletic Department is committed to using athletics to help develop student-athletes who exemplify the Puma Promise character traits: Professional, Unstoppable, Motivated, Accountable, and Supportive.  Athletics should serve as a catalyst for students’ academic success during their time at Indy Met and for their post-secondary success in college or the workforce.

School priorities include:

  • High rigor, high support instruction to close academic gaps and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities
  • Trauma-informed social-emotional learning
  • Student and family empowerment through coordination with a robust Student Services team of coaches, counselors, and more.

Responsibilities include:

  • Achieve academic and holistic outcomes for student-athletes including:
    • Number of students with 90% academic engagement
    • Number of student-athletes who earn 5+ credits per semester.
    • Number of student-athletes eligible for graduation who graduate on time.
    • Number of student-athlete graduates who enroll in college, enlist, or are employed at time of graduation.
  • Develop Students Holistically
    • Conduct effective study tables and track check-ins with students who are at risk of becoming ineligible.
    • Provide students with exposure, advice, and mentoring to promote post-secondary planning.
    • Model sportsmanship, respect, emotional regulation, and professionalism in communication and holds players accountable to the same behaviors.
    • Build a culture where players: Work hard, strive for quality, react to feedback positively, demonstrate motivation to improve; Are attentive when coach speaks; Strive as a group to make each other better (peer-to-peer accountability)
    • Use Puma Points to acknowledge small wins across student-athletes and reinforce Puma Promise school values.
  • Develop Students & Team Athletically
    • Show knowledge of sport rules, skills, and strategies.
    • Use best practices to teach students including modeling, checking for understanding, and providing feedback.
    • Use coaching actions strategically, including time outs, substitutions, and clock management
    • Develop highlight reels for students who are pursuing college athletics.
  • Ensure compliance with all state and local laws and policies
    • Complete required trainings
    • Submit rosters
    • Monitor student-athlete transfers
    • Monitor student-athlete eligibility
    • Hold students athletes accountable with disciplinary action
    • Communicate with students, families & school
    • Be on time and present for all practices & contests
    • Supervise student-athletes
    • Ensure student-athlete health & safety
    • Use & secure the facility
    • Maintain supply & uniform inventory
    • Oversee student travel
    • Provide financial oversight
    • Follow Goodwill media & marketing policies
  • Support the Athletic Department
    • Celebrate students by sharing nominations for athletes of the week (using Puma Promise) and nominating students for athletic awards.
    • Fundraise for the Athletic Department
    • Volunteer at Contests to Support the Athletic Department


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.  Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, be able to drive, and qualify under the district’s insurance carrier when driving a district vehicle.
  • Current Indiana Teaching License preferred
  • 2-3 years of coaching experience preferred
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of sport, coaching strategies, and be able to physically demonstrate and model techniques in their sport.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Charter High School

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School is a free public school offering a high school education to students in grades 9-12. Indianapolis Met is a best-fit school for students experiencing circumstances that may present a barrier to education. Our school places an emphasis on ensuring students enroll in college or enter into a career that offers a living wage post-graduation.

Indianapolis Met is designed to serve students who are experiencing circumstances that may become barriers to their education.

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High School (9-12)
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