About Teach Indy

When did Teach Indy start and why did it start?

Teach Indy launched in 2018 with the focus on bringing more outstanding teachers to Indianapolis by way of promoting center township jobs, center township schools, and resources for teachers. Since its launch, Teach Indy has supported and rewarded hundreds of teachers in Indianapolis and across the state.

Who are the Teach Indy partners?

Teach Indy is thankful for the founding partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), The Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation (OEI) and The Mind Trust (TMT). Throughout the past three years, additional community partners have joined in the efforts to support teachers.

Do you have to be a teacher in Indianapolis to use site features?

We believe ALL teachers are doing great work for students in Indianapolis and beyond. For this reason, many of the resources on the website are open source and free to access regardless of school type, school location, and school position. Some opportunities are specific to center township educators including IPS District-Run Schools, IPS Innovation Network Schools, and Independent Charter schools. We do our best to identify when school geography/type are a qualifier. Teach Indy and our partners frequently offer events and trainings open to all Hoosier educators.

Additionally, we have great resources for aspiring teachers, including college graduates that are helpful as well.

How do I get in contact with Teach Indy?

For all questions, please feel free to leave us a message on our ‘Contact Us’ form or email us at sara@teachindynow.org.

Hiring and Leading In Indianapolis

What type of license do I need to teach in center township schools?

Great question. All licensing requirements can be found on the Indiana Department of Education Website or by visiting our licensing page. Please check with the hiring manager for the specific job you are interested in for details.

Can I teach in Indianapolis if my license is from another state?

Indiana reciprocity requirements can be found on our licensing page. Please check with the hiring manager for the specific job you are interested in for details.

How do I find a teaching position in Indianapolis?

We highly recommend you visit our job board to find jobs in IPS District Run Schools, IPS Innovation Network Schools, and Independent Charter Schools.

How do I figure out the right school for me?

We certainly hope you find your forever fit in a center township school. We suggest starting with the ‘Our Schools’ page to access a filterable list of all schools in center township. Many of our schools encourage visits to their campus to see their scholars and staff in action.

NOTE: Schools continue to have some restrictions and limited visitors post-COVID pandemic, we suggest you contact the schools you are interested in to gauge their current school policy. Make sure to join our e-newsletter to be the first to learn about Teach Indy hiring events.

Are there ways I can connect with other educators in center township?

We know that teachers who find ways to connect in their school building and outside their communities are more likely to remain in their classrooms, serving students. We invite you to visit our events page to find training opportunities, networking opportunities, and exciting community events throughout Indianapolis.

We also encourage you to stay connected and read our blog, follow and engage with us on social media and check our page often for new opportunities.

I have questions about teaching in center township. Is there someone I can contact?

For questions regarding teaching in a center township school, please contact us at sara@teachindynow.org.

How can I engage with Teach Indy as an educator?

We absolutely want to hear from you! First, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for events, prizes, giveaways, raffles, development opportunities, discounts, and more. Second, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we will be sure to provide sneak peeks into new and exciting events. Finally, sign up for our events and raffles. We work hard and enjoy celebrating together!

Public Schools in Indianapolis

What is an IPS district-run school? What is an IPS Choice school?

IPS District-Run schools are traditional schools in the district in the sense that they are managed by Indianapolis Public Schools. IPS Choice schools are defined by a specialized curriculum, innovative themes and unique teaching techniques. Choice programs may encompass the entire educational offerings of a school, or may be defined as a particular curricular sequence or approach to instruction for a cohort of students within a school.

What is an IPS Innovation Network School?

IPS Innovation Network Schools are public schools that are part of the district, managed by a board of directors. These schools have autonomy to make school-level decisions (i.e. start time, special programs, salaries), that best meet the needs of their unique school community.

What is an Independent Charter School?

Independent Charter Schools are public schools that are governed by a board of directors and have the autonomy to make school-level decisions. They are independent of a district, but are accountable to an authorizer, like the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation. The independent charter schools listed on Teach Indy are all governed by nonprofit boards.

Are all schools the same?

What we greatly value about our education landscape is the wide-range of school types available to students, families, and our educators. Whether you are interested in teaching in a STEM school, a Social-Emotional Learning model, a Montessori model, an academy program focused on future career pathways, or a school that travels abroad, Indianapolis has these options and more for you. We encourage potential educators to consider their drives and mission rather than focus solely on ‘school type’ as all schools listed on Teach Indy serve public school students in center township. For more information about our wide variety of schools, visit ‘Our Schools’ and learn more about our unique models.

Who authorizes/oversees the schools?

IPS district-run schools are managed by the district. IPS Innovation Network Schools and independent charter schools are governed by a board of directors. All of the IPS Innovation Network Schools and independent charter schools listed on the Teach Indy website are authorized by the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation or the Indiana Charter School Board.

Community Partnerships

What is Teach Indy looking for in community partners?

We are looking for businesses, non-profits, corporations, and people who want to say thank you to the amazing teachers in our city’s schools and beyond. Thank you’s can be in the form of:

  • Teacher discounts (one-time or ongoing)
  • Gift cards for raffles
  • Tickets to community events
  • Volunteers for school projects
  • Sponsorships for our conference/events
  • Award prizes
  • And more…

We’ve found a way for each entity that has reached out in the past and believe we will have even more opportunities for the community in the future.

For all community partners interested in partnering or financially supporting the efforts of Teach Indy, please email Executive Director, Sara Marshall, (sara@teachindynow.org) for more information.

How can community partners engage with Teach Indy?

We encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to see your business/organization highlighted for our educators! Additionally, you can follow us on social media and share our work with your networks to help us get the word out about Teach Indy and the great teachers in Indianapolis.