Relay Accelerating Student Success Series Session #4

Feb 14, 2022

Relay Accelerating Student Success Series, Session #4: Driving Instruction Through Responsive Teaching

SESSION OVERVIEW: Many educators face the challenge of re-teaching material that students didn’t grasp while also progressing through their curriculum. This workshop will focus on the art and structure of a responsive mini-lesson and the real-time instructional moves teachers can make to drive student achievement while maintaining grade-level instruction. Target Audience- Teacher and Leaders. To learn more click here.

**Sessions #2 (Nov. 11), #3 (Dec. 2), and #4 (Feb. 14) are sequential in nature and it is highly recommended that participants register for all 3 sessions as a bundle. All sessions will take place from 1:45p-3:45p; registration is $10 per session.**

Seats are limited to the first 25 to register.