Relay Accelerating Student Success Series #3

Dec 02, 2021

Relay Accelerating Student Success Series, Session #3: Accelerating Student Learning Through Student Work Analysis

SESSION OVERVIEW: Looking closely at student work and analyzing it for strengths and growth trends is essential to good teaching. This workshop begins with intentionally considering the demands of the academic task, which serves as a foundation for all analysis. Then, teachers will explore strategies for collecting and analyzing student work, both in real-time and after class, to arrive at the most critical instructional next step. Target Audience- Teachers and Leaders. For more information click here.

**Sessions #2 (Nov. 11), #3 (Dec. 2), and #4 (Feb. 14) are sequential in nature and it is highly recommended that participants register for all 3 sessions as a bundle. All sessions will take place from 1:45p-3:45p; registration is $10 per session.**

Seats are limited to the first 25 to register.