New Augusta Public Academy Tree Planting

Mar 13, 2021


It’s finally time to plant trees again! Sign up now to secure your spot planting trees out at New Augusta Public Academy. Together we’ll be planting a variety of beautiful 1″ caliper native trees and adding to the urban tree canopy. Trees not only provide shade and homes for native wildlife, they also can help reduce storm water runoff and lower noise and air pollution.

Since we’ll be working in pairs, ask someone in your household to sign up to join you for both more fun and increased safety. If you come alone, you will have the option to plant alone or with another solo volunteer. And since 2020 lasted longer than a decade, here’s a refresher on how to plant a tree! Our tried-and-true video will cover every step and make sure you don’t skip anything when you get out there. We’ll do a demo, but please watch the video ahead of time to expedite the process.


Host / Sponsoring Organization:

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful


Date & Time:

March 13, 2021 at 9:00am (3 hours)



New Augusta Public Academy

6450 Rodebaugh Road

Indianapolis, IN 46268