Mentoring with 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc.



As part of the 100’s partnership with local school districts, the Team Mentoring Program connects a team of mentors with 5th-8th grade boys in an 18 week program. The 100 continues partnering with several Indianapolis Public Schools. Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at these schools will interact with mentors and work with a Success Academy virtual mentee curriculum that incorporates information on Health and Wellness, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Leadership.

The goal of Team Mentoring is to help each student become the best young man they can be. Through the Success Academy virtual academy mentors seek to encourage personal development, academic growth, and basic life skills in all students. In addition to working with students, mentors also seek to actively engage parents of students concerning the

Host / Sponsoring Organization

100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc.




Anyone interested in becoming a mentor with the 100 Team Mentoring Program should contact the 100 office at 317-921-1275 or email