To achieve our mission, remain accountable to our beliefs and move towards our vision, we center the following values in our work.

We Are…


We act with courage and transparency, accepting that in order to change the system, disruption is required. We are willing to say and do hard things; knowing each outcome is an opportunity to learn, share, and get better.


We seek out opportunities to work together with others who share our values to ensure the best possible outcomes for our community. We aim to co-construct experiences and share our learnings to grow the collective knowledge of all schools.


We approach our work with a mindset of wonder and possibilities. We ask questions to understand the lived experiences of students and educators at the margins to find and pilot new opportunities for students to reach their fullest potential.


We are driven to ensure all students and educators have access to meet their unique needs. We analyze our work for bias and leverage data to eliminate barriers and provide access to our supports and opportunities for all educators.


We ensure educators can show up as their full selves and feel included in our programming. We value and actively seek out diverse perspectives to identify shared experiences while celebrating the unique identities of the educators we support.


We embrace trying new approaches so long as they are grounded in bettering student and educator experiences. We are creative change-agents who embrace a growth mindset and are energized by reimagining the system for today’s educators and the educators of the future.